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After almost 61 years of National Coalition government rule, Malaysians FINALLY have a brand new government in power. This is a HUGE change, and in the "ceramahs" and "manifesto", equally HUGE changes were promised. Everyone pays close attention before voting day, and everyone is optimistic about Malaysia's future. But what about what happens after that? What about the next weeks, months, years?

That's the whole point of this website. It 's not connected to ANY party whatsoever. It's just a platform for everyone to see what has been achieved by the government, and to exchange their ideas in the form of a discussion. It's democracy in action when it counts - not just before and during elections but between elections.

How do we define a promise?

1. It's written in the "Hope Book" or "Buku Harapan" - the Government's electoral manifesto.
2. It's part of an official press release by a member of government.
3. It's part of a government publication.
4. It's verbalized by a member of government in an official capacity.
5. It's a guarantee of performance by the government.

Of course comments posted by people can be political and everyone is free to agree or disagree with a promise - it's a free and open platform, and is open to everyone. However, the status of a particular promise is solely based on evidence - news articles, official government documents, or anything that everyone will agree is concrete evidence of what's being done.

We were inspired by how Malaysians voted for "change". Before the elections, platforms like this which provided a check against the government, seemed futile. The Rakyat had virtually no say against an authoritarian government. Overnight, everything seemed possible - better government, better economy, better quality of life, better everything.

We hope this platform will be used by everyone to keep the government in check, to educate themselves on local/national issues and to stay up-to-date with current affairs, policies, political news and so on. Feel free to share this platform with your friends and let's make democracy work, together!

Brought to you by Dennis Kam, Ng Boon Ming, Stephanie Kee & Tina Carmillia