Reformasi Politik C04. Pencegahan Rasuah

C04-10: Mengambil tindakan keras ke atas pegawai awam yang sengaja membocor, membazir dan menyalah urus wang kerajaan

Yahoo June 8, 2018
Sedang Dijalani
Jun 2018

Abu Kassim: Civil servants who cause leakages to be punished under new law

Malay Mail June 08, 2018

The government will be coming up with a new law allowing them to take punitive actions against public officers who blatantly cause financial leakages and waste government money. Governance, Integrity and Anti-Corruption Centre (GIACC) director general Tan Sri Abu Kassim Mohamed told a press conference that this was one of the agendas discussed at the first Cabinet Committee on Anti-Corruption (JKKMAR) meeting. “The government will draft a new law to take punitive measures against civil servants who deliberately cause financial leakage, mismanagement and financial wastage on government funds,” said Abu Kassim.