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C04. Reform the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and strengthen anti-corruption efforts

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May 2018

MACC congratulates new chief

New Straits Times May 18, 2018

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) today congratulated its new chief commissioner Datuk Seri Mohd Shukri Abdull on his appointment. In a statement, the commission said they welcomed the appointment of Mohd Shukri to lead MACC.

"MACC hopes he can fulfill the trust, responsibility and rakyat's hope to ensure this country is free from corruption and abuse of power," the statement read. Mohd Shukri served with Malaysia's anti-corruption body for 32 years before retiring on July 31, 2016.

The last position he held was as MACC's deputy chief commissioner (operations).His return to the commission was announced by Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad at a press conference yesterday.

May 2018

Reform the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and strengthen anti-corruption efforts


MACC is the most important agency to fight corruption in Malaysia. Public trust in the MACC is of paramount importance. Pakatan Harapan will give the full mandate and trust to the MACC to perform their role. The Pakatan Harapan Government will upgrade the MACC to a Commission that is recognized in our Federal Constitution, similar to the status of the Election Commission of Malaysia. This enhancement will allow MACC to have its own powers and autonomy, including appointing their own officials, and receiving guaranteed financial allocations, protected by the Federal Constitution. MACC will report directly to Parliament, rather than to the Prime Minister. To ensure effective check and balance, the number of MACC Commissioners will be increased and there will be a quota for civil society. One of the Commissioners will become Chairman of MACC, and all Commissioners will have security of tenure. Appointment of these Commissioners must be validated democratically by Parliament. The Pakatan Harapan Government will revise the Whistleblower Protection Act 2010, the Official Secrets Act 1972, and the Witness Protection Act 2009, and we will make the necessary improvements. A Freedom of Information Act will be enacted, and financial provisions will be provided to implement this new Act. All members of the Dewan Rakyat, Dewan Negara, and government officials with JUSA C ranking and above, will be obliged to make a declaration of assets and income. As a symbol of the Pakatan Harapan Government's commitment to the principles of transparency and openness, we will take immediate steps to play active roles in suitable international platforms, starting with signing up to the Open Government Partnership which now consists of more 70 countries around the world.