C13-01: Reform the public procurement system and the way contracts are awarded

Pakatan Harapan PG56 May 10, 2018
In progress
Jun 2018

Cabinet move to end monopolies at ministries

Malaysian Insight June 20, 2018

PUTRAJAYA has set up a committee to study monopoly issues at several ministries, including the supply of drugs, said Health Minister Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad. The minister said the cabinet committee will be chaired by Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali. Dzulkefly said the apart from him, Transport Minister Anthony Loke and Agriculture Minister Salahuddin Ayub are also in the committee. “This issue of medicine monopoly is not just with the Health Ministry but involves services provided by the Transport and Agriculture Ministries. “Dr Mahathir felt that the solution would be to form a committee to be chaired by Azmin. “A comprehensive study is needed to look at this monopoly issue and a solution found which will give value for money. We want a solution that will avoid cost increases,” he said at the Health Ministry today. Since the end of Barisan Nasional rule, reports have emerged of companies owned by politicians from the previous administration enjoying a monopoly to supply drugs to the ministry. According to some reports, these monopolies resulted in the higher medicine costs supplied to government hospitals and clinics throughout the country. Dzulkefly said the committee will meet soon and the ministries involved will make policy changes based on its solutions. “The prime minister wants this done quickly. Monopolies being reviewed include those for the supply of rice by Bernas.” The issue also touched on policy matters, such as Bumiputera allocations, he said. “These will be taken into consideration by the committee.” On the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission investigating his ministry, the Dzulkefly said he welcomed investigation into any company with a monopoly on the supply of drugs in the country. “The ministry has no problem (being investigated by MACC)… but there must be evidence and not just mere hearsay.” – June 20, 2018.

Jun 2018

Maszlee: Stern action to be taken on RM1.25bil Sarawak solar project

The Star June 10, 2018

Stern action has been taken against a RM1.25bil solar hybrid project in Sarawak which was allegedly granted to a car-rental company under the instructions of former premier Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, said Education Minister Maszlee Malik. “I have taken a strict decision last Friday (June 8) and I will officially announce my decision tomorrow, Monday June 11,” he said in a statement issued Sunday (June 10). According to a report by whistleblower site Sarawak Report, Najib, during his premiership, had purportedly instructed the Education Ministry in January 2017 to appoint a company over a solar hybrid project for 369 schools located in the rural heartlands of Sarawak.

Note: No announcement was given a day later as promised

Jun 2018

Government forbids public officials to hold more than 5 positions in different companies to prevent conflicts of interest in the awarding of contracts

Free Malaysia Today June 08, 2018

Perdana menteri berkata, kerajaan melarang penjawat awam memegang lebih 5 jawatan dalam syarikat berbeza bagi mengelakkan penyelewengan dalam pemberian kontrak.