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Form a special taskforce to review the feasibility of demolishing Highland Towers so that land may be repurposed.

Yahoo June 5, 2018
In progress
Jun 2018

Zuraida eyes redeveloping Highland Towers site

Yahoo June 05, 2018

The Housing and Local Government Ministry will study the feasibility of demolishing the remaining Highland Towers structures so the land may be repurposed if suitable. Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin said the towers abandoned following the 1993 collapse have become an eyesore and hive of criminal activity. “The remaining two towers are used as drug dens and criminal hideouts, worrying others around it. “To this end, I will form a special taskforce to review the feasibility of Highland Towers’ land,” she said during a press conference at the ministry.

Zuraida added she had not been able do much as Ampang MP when PH had still been the Opposition, and was now prioritising the matter. “It will not be easy, as it is difficult to trace back the documentation for the towers after so long. Coupled with the fact that the towers developer is facing lawsuits from owners until now, it will take some time, “Still, the towers stand on premium land in a high-income location. We will liaise with other government agencies to see if other developments can be done upon it,” she said.