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C07-10: The Pakatan Harapan Government will set Parliament dissolution date in advance

Free Malaysia Today April 12, 2018
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Apr 2018

Khalid: PH govt will set Parliament dissolution date in advance

Free Malaysia Today April 12, 2018

SHAH ALAM: Pakatan Harapan (PH) will set a date in advance for the dissolution of Parliament if it wins the May 9 polls and forms the next government, one of its leaders pledged today. Khalid Samad, the Amanah communications director and Shah Alam MP, said PH would get rid of the present “backward and unfair” election system. Speaking at a news conference at his office here, Khalid said the general election date would be fixed at least a year in advance. “It’s best to announce five years ahead but, at the very minimum, the people should be given one year’s notice so that they can plan their lives,” he said. He said an early announcement would also allow the Election Commission (EC) to pick a suitable date for polling and announce it in advance. With the present practice, he said, the people were unable to plan their holidays or outings due to the short notice given for polling. Those who had booked halls for events might have to postpone them if the halls were required by the EC, he added. Khalid said the Indonesian government announced the country’s general election date five years in advance. “Here, the system is manipulated. New bills are passed (to favour the ruling party),” he said. He was referring to the constituency redelineation report and the anti-fake news legislation passed by the Dewan Rakyat just before the dissolution of Parliament. Khalid also criticised the EC’s decision to fix polling day on a Wednesday which would inconvenience both voters and non-voters. “Imagine, on Monday and Tuesday, students will be attending classes in school. After school on Tuesday, teachers will have to help rearrange the desks and chairs for polling the next day, and then get them ready again for classes on Thursday,” he said.