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C18-01 & YOUTH: The Pakatan Harapan Government will dissolve the National Civics Bureau (BTN), which over the years actively become a cheap political agent for UMNO.

Pakatan Manifesto 63 May 10, 2018
Aug 2018

Syed Saddiq: NS, BTN scrapped

New Straits Times August 13, 2018

KUALA LUMPUR: Both the National Service (NS) training and the National Civics Bureau (BTN) programme are now cancelled, effective immediately. Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman said the matter was decided in two previous Cabinet meeting. “However, the welfare of officers, staff and contract workers will be safeguarded, including by absorbing them into the Youth and Sports Ministry (KBS). “The NS and BTN will be replaced with new programmes that can build future youths that have vision and strong personal character. "The new programme, which would be managed by KBS, will involve a restructuring of functions, positions, allocations of finance and assets,” he said at the Parliament lobby, here, today. Syed Saddiq said that the new programme would be structured holistically by combining high impact indoor and outdoor activities. He said it aims to bring out the potential of youths as strategic partners in developing the country in line with the Federal Constitution and Rukun Negara. “Elements to be inculcated (in youths via the new programme) are to build spirit, character and national integration, spirit to the nation, identity and political socialisation. “These improvements are in line with KBS’ aims to uphold the voice of youths in the New Malaysia landscape,” he said. He said the new programme will involve collaboration with multiple ministries and agencies such as the Prime Minister’s Department (PMD), the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry, the Defence Ministry, and the Education Ministry. “Also involved are non-governmental organisations (NGO) such as youth organisations to fine-tune an effective implementation mechanism. Syed Saddiq said that these efforts reflect the government’s aspirations to ensure the new programme is inclusive, transparent, and free from political and racial elements. On Feb 2004, the Barisan Nasional (BN) administration introduced NS to strengthen youth’s personal character and national spirit. As for BTN, it was established as a unit of PMD in 1981, with an aim to inculcate patriotism and noble values as well as love for the nation among Malaysians.

Jul 2018

Controversial BTN gets to stay

Malaysiakini July 02, 2018

The Pakatan Harapan government has decided to keep the controversial National Civics Bureau (BTN), which has previously been accused of being a hindrance to national unity. BTN is among the 26 department and agencies that continue to be placed under the Prime Minister's Department