A - 100 Days

A03. Abolish unnecessary debts imposed on FELDA settlers

May 10, 2018
Not started
May 2018

Special Commitments for FELDA Settlers

Pakatan Harapan May 10, 2018

The Pakatan Harapan Government will abolish unnecessary debts that have been imposed on FELDA settlers based on the 5 special commitments for FELDA settlers.

Commitment 1: Stop financial irregularities in FELDA at all levels Commitment 2: Restructuring the administration of FELDA Commitment 3: Advancing the Interest of FELDA Settlers and Reducing their debt burden Commitment 4: To Upgrade and Modernise FELDA Schemes and their Surrounding Areas Commitment 5: Providing the Best Educational Opportunities for The Children of FELDA Settlers.