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B08. Improving the quality and coverage of public transport

May 10, 2018
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May 2018

Improving the quality and coverage of public transport

Pakatan Harapan May 10, 2018

The Pakatan Harapan Government will widen the access and coverage of public transports by incentivising bus companies to operate in semi-urban and rural areas. Bus companies that want to bid for concessions in profitable routes will be required to provide services in less populated areas too. Strict actions will be taken to companies who fail to follow the rules so that the failures of UMNO and Barisan Nasional can be rectified. The Pakatan Harapan Government looks favourably at the advent of new technologies and the growth of new economic sectors like e-hailing. We acknowledge that other countries are piloting e-hailing using buses and motorcycles. We will work with the companies and owners of buses and school buses, and we will encourage new entrepreneurs who own suitable vehicles, to venture into this new sector so that it can grow in areas that need more public transport. There is high potential in rural areas as well as Sabah and Sarawak.

This will require a legal and governance system that is innovation-friendly, so that more people can enter into the e-hailing sector, thereby contributing to increasing the access to public transportation and at the same time increase job opportunities for those in rural areas. The Pakatan Harapan Government will enhance the rights of e-hailing drivers without neglecting the welfare of taxi drivers.

We will reduce the cost of license fee for school bus permits. The Pakatan Harapan Government will ensure transportation companies compete in a healthy way to obtain concessions, so that we prevent monopolies, which will help reduce public transportation costs. In larger towns across Malaysia, we will gradually introduce a monthly public transportation pass worth RM100 that can be used in all types of public transportation. To ensure the coverage of public transport buses can be improved, we will ensure there is an increase of 10,000 public buses nationwide in the first term of our administration.